Why Video Blogging Became So Popular by Richard Vanderhurst

Perhaps you have heard about video blogging. It’s something that’s getting some sort of popularity and a decent following. A video blog is a certain kind of blog wherein the medium used is none other than video. Usually, video clips from video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Megavideo and others are embedded in the blog posts. Many people have either switched from text blogs to video blogs or just created their own video blogs despite already having text-based blogs. This is an indication that more and more folks are seeing the significance of the so-called “vlogs”. You can list down reasons why blogging using videos are that popular nowadays.

Not Really Hard To Do

Some people think that video blogging is pretty complicated and is somehow difficult to pull off. However, that’s not entirely the case. Although it can be challenging at times, setting up a video blog is not really hard to do. The process of creating the blog is closely similar to that of a text-based blog but you know very well that making the video is the one that can be a bit tough. Good thing we have enough tools and resources that can help us out.

Come to think of it, camcorders and microphones can be bought at affordable rates. You can go for free video editing software but if you have enough funds, try to purchase a licensed one. You may also edit your video clips using YouTube. As long as you know exactly what you should do, it won’t be that hard for you to make a video and maintain a video blog. That’s one reason why this type of blogging is quite popular. One is able to learn it if he or she is indeed willing to learn.

Captures The Interest Of People

Video blogging is popular because videos can capture the interest and attention of individuals quite easily compared to plain text. In addition to that, video clips are viral. They spread easily through linking, recommendations and even by word of mouth especially if the said videos are really interesting and entertaining. The most viral videos commonly involved humor and funny stuff. This goes to show that video blogs can really turn heads.

Free For All To See

Another reason why video blogging is a huge hit to a lot of folks nowadays is because of the fact that those people can view your blog, just like any ordinary text blog, for free, with no charge. Have you noticed that people are very much hooked with things that are free? Take for instance, YouTube. It is the most well-known and most-visited video distribution site because it pioneered free viewing of videos since its launch. That’s why video blogs are gaining popularity in recent times.

Video Blogs Are Lucrative

Another great thing about video blogging is that it can be a very lucrative contribution to your Internet marketing career. If you are selling cakes online, it will really help to come up with a video blog that features yourself as you bake such cakes and provide some nice tips with regards to baking and similar stuff. Do that and you may just earn some nice profits.